Zapya for PC [Windows 8/8.1/10/7] & Mac

Zapya for PC

What if I tell you there is an app that will transfer and receive files, Apps, Playlist, Music, and videos from PC to Mobile or PC to PC or Mac without using the internet connectivity, is that will be cool.

Then you should know about this Dewmobile inc product Zapya File Sharing & Receiving App that can make your dream come true.

Transfering And Receiving Files via Zapya for PC is so easy and secure and you do need to worry about the security.

Zapya files are transferred on end to end encryption basis that means you do not need to worry about your files and personal data breach over this app.

Look there are many service providers like Zapya for PC but when it comes to performnace of the app, it has gone to the next level you never see any such complicated things that may ruin your performance of the app. Similar Applications to Download and use on PC: InShare for PC, MX Sharekaro App for PC, Sharekaro for PC..

Zapya will be a great choice if you want to transfer and receive files on PC over Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Mac & Laptop devices for free of cost.

The process of downloading the Zapya App for PC is mentioned below, read it carefully and follow each step exactly and get the app on your personal computer and mac. Read Also: ShareMe for PC, SHAREall for PC.

Features of Zapya for PC?

Zapya for Windows
  1. End to end encypted file sharing and receiving process.

2. 100% Secure and Fast.

3. Windows PC and Mac friendly interface of the app.

4. Unlimited File sharing and receiving capability.

5. You won’t loose any quality of videos or images that you share via Zapya for PC.

6. Free to Download and install.

7. Protected by qaulity servers.

8. Data stored on the servers of the Zapya App are completley safe and secure.

9. You can transfer bulk of files at a time.

10. You can transfer all of the your device old files to the new device without any loose of files.

Zapya for PC Privacy and Policy?

Zapya for Laptop

When it comes to the security levels of the Zapya are un-imaginable and they are quite impressive and can be available to read on its official page, which you can see in the about section.

Before it uses your device location camera, contacts, photos, a library of the device, storage, Bluetooth, and much more it asks your permission.

If you want you to allow it else you can simply click on the no option there is no need to worry about the personal information leakage.

In my view, Zapya’s security can be blindly trusted and has a huge fan base from all around the world. There are tones of downloads you can see on google play store.

That means people are loving this app and trsuting it.

Simple Method to Download Zapya for PC on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Zapya for Mac

Time to time there you can see a huge spike in technology now mobile-based applications are can be used on your personal computer and mac.

But you should know How this will be Possible?

It is only possible if you know how to download and use Andriod Emulator called bluestacks and your personal computer and mac devices without much effort.

Method to get Zapya on PC:

  1. Use the link to download the emulator.
  2. install the Zapya Emulator called Bluestcaks on your personal computer and mac.
  3. Once the installation over open and establish by allowing the terms & conditions of the app.
  4. Then you need to do login with the Gmail account and then open the play store that you have seen on the home screen of the emulator.
  5. Because Zapya is available on the Play store so, you can install it from here and use it on your personal computer.
  6. What you have to do is type keywords such as “Zapya for PC” and enter.
  7. That’s it you will see there is an app, click on it and start using the app on PC.

Zapya FAQ’s

1.How to share files via Zapya App on PC?

Answer: by using the Andriod emulator in the market you can use the app on PC, but you should know the way transferring files via this app. you will see an option send on top of the app there you should click and start sending the files via this app.

2. How to Download Zapya App on Windows 8.1?

Answer: There is no separate method to download and use the Zapya App on Windows 8.1 or Zapya App on Windows 8/7/10 they are completely the same. Above you can see the app and enjoy the process.

3. Is it Safe to Use Zapya App for Windows PC?

Answer: There is no such thing taht you will find on this app, that prevents you from using this app on your Windows PC and Mac operating system.

4.What are the platform where Zapya App available?

You can find this app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free of cost. ut there is no official PC version of the app, so we have used the emulator to run this app on a personal computer.

Final Words

File Sharing & Transfering via Zapya App is completely safe and it does not cost money and the secure wise good and performance-wise brilliant what more you can expect from this kind of app.

Downloading and installing the Zapya for PC, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac, Laptop is so easy, you just have to do is install one of the best emulator available in the market and start using the app on PC.