XMEye for PC & Windows 7,8,8.1,10 & Mac

XMEye for PC

Xmeye Surveillance app comes under one of the top surveillance apps that you can get in the market for no cost. It’s good to know you have picked this app to download and use on Windows PC, Mac, laptop device.

Home security became very important these days because you do not know when attackers will come and loot you, so you need not be careful each day.

But is it possible to constantly look at our house security, we have to sleep, go outside for a tour and other countries for roaming at that time you have to leave your house?

In this case what you can do is simply install the CCTV camera, so that it can monitor and records what’s going around your home and its stores the live feed in SD card so when you come back you can view them.

It’s ok, but what if you want to watch live feeds of your installed CCTV setup, then here comes the role of the Xmeye for PC, which is a client App, that can connect with your CCTV and allows you to watch live feeds. Read Also: SuperLive Plus for PC, iVMS-4500 for PC, iSmartviewpro for PC, vMEyeCloud for PC.

Xmeye offers you high standard servers that can make your personal information secure so you will be not going to feel insure about your personal information breach.

XMEye for PC Best Video Monitoring Software Features

XMEye for Windows


If you think about the interface of the app it is very good has a fine display and innovative screenplay, compatible with both the Andriod & iOS, over Windows 7, 8, 10, 8.1, Mac, Laptop & Computer/Desktop.


The quality of the footage that is captured by the CCTV camera is awesome, but when you watch the same video over this surveillance app XMEye it looks even better.


It is quite an innovative app performance-wise best, it won’t freeze much, you will get the clear video and audio. It won’t give you a sudden stop while you playing the video on Windows PC and Mac.

24 Hours monitoring Capacity

With the lp of the app, you can constantly monitor your CCTV footage and know what is happening around your office, home, or the place where you have installed the CCTV camera.

Top Rated CCTV Surillance CCTV Camera App

In recent times I have never seen such craze for any other cameras compare to the XMEye for PC, it is capturing the yes of the CCTV camera users who want to connect them with an incredible online client camera app.


XMEye is compatible with Andriod & iOS-based devices and XMEye for Windows PC, XMEye for Mac/laptop, XMEye for Computer/Desktop.

Quick Steps To Download XMEye for PC, Windows-Laptop/Computer

1. Make sure you have a good working PC.

2. Check the compatibilty of the Windows PC, Mac, Laptop, minimu of 4GB Ram

3.So that Andriod Emulator work without any issues.

4.Then you have to click this link to get Bluestacks Andriod Emulator from here.

5. Then you need to wait for few minutes.

6. Get the Process done.

7. Now open the setup file, clik on it and strat installing the app on PC.

8. Wait and see once installation completes open the emulator and create an emulator account or provide a Gmail account to access the service of the Emulator.

9. Now you have to open the play store and search for the “XMEye for PC” and enter.

XMEye for Computer

10. Install the XMEye App from new windows and enjoy the CCTV survillance App on Windows PC and Mac.

App FAQ’s

How to setup XMEye App on PC without Bluestcaks Emulator?

Answer: Look there is the only way we can use the apps on PC or Windows/mac is with the help of the Emulator. If you do not want this app on Bluestcaks Emulator then that is different Matter.

You can try any other emulator available in the Market.

is it XMEye App for PC comes for free?

Answer: yes, you do not need to worry about the money, because it is available for free on internet.

Does XMEye for Windows 10 Available or Not?

Answer: The app can be downloaded on Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Laptop devices by using the emulator. The entire process mentioned in the above article does read it.

How To Download XMEye for Mac?

Answer: By using the guide above you can download and use the app on Mac.

  • Open emulator.
  • And search for the ” XMEye for Mac” and enter.
  • That’s it.
  • Now you’re free to use the app on Mac.

Final Saying

Use this fabulous consistent CCTV Surveillance camera app on Windows PC and get the best out of it. One of the best ways to protect our home and office, children, and much more.

XMEye is capable of giving the best result on Windows PC and Mac devices. You never see any interruption while you watch the videos on this app.

The app absolutely free to monitor and connect and view what is going around the CCTV installed PLace and get feedbacks and alarms of somethings go good or bad over there.