Xfinity xFi for PC on Windows {7/8/8.1/10} Mac

Xfinity xFi for PC

Xfinity xFi is a great productive app to personalize and control your home network. The app is so friendly you can quickly set up your home wifi by using this app and can set username and password to your wifi.

When you not using the wifi you can turn off it by using this app, if someone using your wifi then you can ban and restrict not to use your data.

Xfinity network customers are so happy with this app, and here the point to be noted is the Xfinity xFi app is only available for Xfinity network users, so remember that and do not take much stress to use it for other networks.

Controlling home network can be at your fingertips once you install Xfinity xFi App for PC, on Windows 8/7/10/8.1/Mac/laptop and your personal computer. The app is mobile-based does not have a PC version, so you can use this app by following the entire guide until the end. Download Also: TrackView for PC, Reface App for PC, Google Indic Keyboard for PC.

Xfinity xFi for PC Notable Features

Xfinity xFi for Windows

Easy to Setup

The app is completely free for xFinity Customers and you can easily setup easily without any comcast technician support.

Wifi Address

  • Create Username
  • Setup your wifi name
  • Manage passwords
  • Create a password
  • Recover password and username with a single click

Create Profiles

If you do not want to make your Wifi public and want to allow some of the family members to use the network, then you can simply create a profile for them and send the login link, username, and password to them.

Parental Control

Spying on kids us becoming very important these days because there are plenty of harmful content for kids available on the internet so in order to prevent them from access this type of content you can easily restrict them over this network and set the time for them to access internet over the Xfinity network,


You can also pause the wifi for profiles that you do not want to share your network.


The uses of this app are such, you do need a technician to troubleshoot issues, simplify it using the app on your PC, Windows, or Mobile for free of cost.

xFi Pods

Here you can see XFi Pods, it allows your home network to spread reliable and consistently without breaking or freezing the network.

Download Xfinity xFi for PC/Windows/Mac

Xfinity xFi for Mac

Free Method to get the Xfinity App on PC over Windows and Mac:

1.To Support Xfinity xFi App on PC we need an Android emulator so get from here.

2.Now open and play it on your computer and start installing the emulator.

3.Once the installation of the emulator ends, open and join with the Gmail Account and get access to the play store.

Xfinity xFi for Laptop

4.Now you have to search for the “Xfinity xFi for PC” and enter.

5.Now you can enjoy the app once you see the icon and get installed on your Computer and Mac.

How to Signin With Xfinity xFi App?

  • Visit link and signup with your Gmail or mobile number
  • Now you have to create a username and password to log in.
  • Once you create the app, log in again, and see the username and password are matching.
  • If you want to find the existing username of the app, then simply visit
  • If you want to find the existing password of the app, then simply go to the

Final Words

Although the application is designed for mobile users, you conveniently download this application on your PC and take advantage of the services offered by the application by using Andriod EMulator called Bluestacks. The installation process of the Xfinity xFi App on Windows PC and Mac is hassle-free and making it the best way to running your application on your personal computer.