TextNow for PC, Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (Mac/Laptop)

TextNow for PC

Text now is a product of TextNow Inc, offering services like text messaging and voice call for free cost without wifi in the USA and all over the world. I found this app impressive as compare to other apps. There is a way that people can talk and text messages without spending money over the internet connection but now you can text without wifi on this app.

The app is mostly used in the USA, Canada where people are just talking with each other just sharing their number via TextNow app. The Best thing is it is charing 0.01$ for international calling The services of the TextNow App is available in 236 countries

So you can call whoever you want via TextNow app across the Planet. The availability of the App is limited to Andriod and iOS operating systems. And they have not released the PC version of the TextNow. So this guide dedicated to letting now there is way, which can lets you download and use the TextNow App for PC, Mac, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, and Desktop/Laptop/Computer.

Before we jump into the process of installing the app on PC. it’s our responsibility to know, what are its features, how this app works, and what are the pros and cons of the app so on. So that you can better understand the TextNow App. Download Also: Roposo for PC, MX TakaTak on PC, ShareChat for PC.

TextNow for PC Services

TextNow for Windows

Text Messaging

There is no limitation for sending messages and you can send unlimited messages to the most expensive countries like the USA and Cana for free of cost. bt text from the USA and Canada will cost you somehow.

Voice calling

If you want to send messages to the people all over the world it’s free and if you want the voice to call people are over the world it is free so there is no need to worry about roaming charges when you try to call your friends and family members who are in Canada & USA.

International Call Rates are became Zero

Before the TExtnow app, if we want to call people outside of the country. It costs too much and with that fear, we won’t call our friends family and people we know.

So now your free to call unlimited. It can help you in building your relationship and maintaining your relationship.

Free Attractive Features

Gift’s emojis and stickers are free to exchange there is no limitation for sending emojis and stickers that you like and want to share. Emojis will be a great way to express your feeling without typing so much. Call forwarding and conference calls are the other attractive features if the app.

And fancy features like Passcode lock, ringtone for each contact, Customizable backgrounds, and much more you can expect from this app.

TextNow’s interface

It has a decent interface and the tools that are very attractive, and you will can easily access items that are available here.

TextNow for PC Download

It can be downloaded on your personal computer but it is not as easy as you think. I am not getting it is impossible to get this app on PC. but you have to use the Emulator which is an app player that enables users to play unlimited to iOS and Andriod app free of cost.

TextNow for Mac

Step 1 of the Process: Download the blue-stacks android Emulator from here.

2 : Install the emulator on PC by accepting the terms & Conditions of the app.

Step 3: Have a Gmail Account or get new one and signup on Emulator to access play store on emulator.

4: Thereafter open the playstore and search for the “TextNow App for PC” and get go.

Step 5 of the Process: Find the app and install it on your personal computer.


TextNow for Laptop

Does Texting Messaging on TextNow App is free and safe?

Yes, the app allows you to text and call for free.

Does TextNow Services Available in USA and Canada?

yes, the services offered by the app are not limited to one country you can be communicated in more than 200 countries via TextNow App for Windows PC.

How Many Downloads that TextNow App has as of Now:

All around the world TextNow app has more than 100 million users that is shocking and the numbers are climbing each day.

Who is the founder of Text now app?

Tee app comes from text now inc and the developer are planning to make TextNow lite.

Is this App Safe?

So far there is no complaint related to personal information breach on this app, so you should not tale it for granted and the app has strict rules and regulations, and they are promising you to not steal your personal information. and more than that each time they as for your permission whether you want to allow location that you and giving permission to access contact and files over this app.


TextNow can be a handful app for people who are more interested in communicating across the nations. the best part is it is removing all data and call rates, so talk unlimitedly whenever you feel and want. TextNow uses end to end encrypted servers so you can not breach the private message from the server of the TextNow app.