SuperLive Plus for PC, Windows (8/8.1/7/10) Mac

SuperLive Plus for PC

In this modern era, we can do take advantage of the advanced technology offered by applications like Super Live Plus on Windows PC and Mac.

Basically, SuperLive Plus is a mobile client software, with its help you can actually surveillance on your home and office or in whatever the place that your installed CCTV, IP Cameras.

You need not be a traditional watchman to your home and office to protect, when you have an app like this you can view the CCTV footage on your devices from all around the world.

It is cool right, so we can freely roam without much fear of security of the house and t is also useful in a way that, when you kids playing in your garden and you do not have time or mood to go there, but you want to eye on them by sitting at your couch you can take care of your children as well. Similar Read: iVMS-4500 for PC.

This app is can be useful for parenting, house security, and much more that we cover in later sections, o join me in this beautiful guide and install the SuperLive Plus for PC.

SuperLive Plus for PC is Free or not?

SuperLive Plus for Windows

Yes, you can freely access use the SuperLive Plus App on your Windows PC, Mac, Laptop operating systems. however, you need to invest a few minutes to get the application PC.

Because there is a process that you should know to download and install SuperLive Plus for PC, But before that, I need to explain some of the features of the app.

Remember: There is no direct link to download and use SuperLive PLus Live CCTV surveillance Camera App on Windows PC and Mac PC/Desktop.

Features of this CCTV Surveillance Camera App?

SuperLive Plus for Laptop

There will be a fine interface to monitor and use the client on the Mobile and windows operating system or on Mac. So don’t worry about the interface of the app.

You need not be an expert to operate the live streaming videos, by default it gives live feed from the location where you have installed the CCTV cameras.

SuperLive Plus is mostly free in all countries without any doubt, some of the CCTV camera Apps are charging huge amounts for the same services.

In this app the caemra line do not mimatch and you do neot se ethe video that your streamin g onthi app from the DVR, CCTV Camera live feeds do not freeze.

And we have given a freedom to access the stored videos on clooud storage. The app automatically records the live videos and they are well rptedct by the cloud technloly.

Users given almose 4.2 ratings to the app on Play Store, so guys peoplea ercatually loving this application to protect thier repective properties.

How To Download SuperLive Plus for Windows PC?

If you’re an Andriod user, you can simply go to the Google Play Store app and just search for the app SuperLive PLus there you find the app.

If you use and iOS-based mobiles, then you need to open the app store and search for the SuperLive Plus and install it now you can enjoy the application on Mac.

But in the case of PC you do not have any such store to directly acquire the app on your personal computer.

Download SuperLive Plus for Computer Desktop
  • Directly download the emulator from this Link.
  • Once downloaded open it.
  • Now install it.
  • Then open it.
  • And now you have to log in with Gmail credentials to access the google play store.
  • Now you have to netrethe name of the app “SuperLive PLsu for PC and enyter.
  • That’s it, now you are free to surveillance the place where your CCTV camera installed.


Which is the best Surveillance Camera App for PC?

There are many apps that are highly qualified and appreciated by millions of users from all around the world and one of them is SuperLive Plus for PC.

Does SuperLive Plus is better than Xmeye Surviallance App?

You can not compare among these two giants, currently, these are the two trending surveillance apps and the best part is they come for free.

How To Download SuperLive Plus for Mac?

  • Get Emulator.
  • Open it and install,
  • Then have a Gmail account sign in to the Mac version emulator and access the play store.
  • Now search for the app “SuperLive Plus for Mac.
  • That’s it get it now.


security is the primary thing in our life, we have to secure sometimes ourselves, family, home, and office from the criminals in the world. To protect our life and property.

In that scenario, CCTV cameras come very useful, because they can capture those things happening on CCTV installed.