ShareMe (MiDrop) for PC, Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Mac

ShareMe for PC

Xiaomi Inc is a hub for creating incredible useful apps that deliver to your expectation and now it came with an amazing app that can let you transfer files without an internet connection.

Basically ShareMe Which is also known as MI Drop is a p2p file transfer tool that works without connecting to the internet more than it. And it has more than 200 million users right now the numbers are climbing each day. It poses great features that can be useful in your daily life.

In today’s generation most f the things are happening on the internet, from education to office work every day we need to depend on the internet. So for that, we need so many files transferred from one device to another device and we need to create PDFs, files Documents to do our work.

The name MI Drop is rebranded as a ShareMe App and can be a great way to easily transfer files from one device to other devices without the need for the internet.

This file transferring and sharing app require some support to get played on your personal computer. I will be telling you the easy method to download and use the app for PC and Mac. Download Also: Mx ShareKaro App for PC, SHAREall for PC, InShare for PC.

ShareMe for PC or Mi Drop for PC Features

ShareMe for Windows 7

The app is so popular so you can imagine what kind of features it is offering you so people are actually loving this app on various operating systems. The app will be one of the leading apps available on the internet for free of cost in the file sharing and transferring platform.

ShaereMe is Fast & Secure

It is quite, fast safe, and the secure app transfers the files more than 200 times faster than what Bluetooth offers, so guys if you really love to transfer files with amazing speed then I must recommend the app.

When it comes to the security of the app, you can download the app in the most secure way the app is a great way to communicate.

Supports all Android Devices

There is no restriction when it comes to transferring files via ShareMe for PC, ShareMe for Mac, ShareMe for Windows, and ShareMe for laptop and ShareMe App for computers and on all Android devices.

No Limitation for large files. you can transfer the files that you want without any restriction of the files that you like to transfer so guys don’t worry about the app, the app is coming very much handy,

ShareMe Supports Multiple Languages

Mi Drop ShareMe for Laptop

The great thing about the app is, if you don’t know some language then you can easily download the app and use the app in your regional language.

When it comes to languages the app is a great platform to run the app in your local language.

Quick Features:

  • It has a dynamic interface.
  • It is an ad-free file transfer tool.
  • Send large files within a span of time.
  • It is a p2p file transfer tool.
  • It has over 2oo million userbases all around the world.
  • Transfer file using without mobile data.

How To Use ShareMe for PC

Below I will be showing you clear instructions related to how to download and install ShareMe App or Mi Drop App on your personal computer.

  • Install the App downloading it from this link called bluestacks.
  • And then you need to set up it on your computer or Mac.
  • Now you have to open the emulator that you are recently downloaded from that link and set up with your Gmail account.
  • Now you have to search for the app “ShareMe for PC” on play store and find the application.
ShareMe for Computer
  • Thereafter you can easily find it and click on the install button.
  • That’s it now your finally ready to enjoy the app on PC.

That’s the end installation process of the ShareMe App on PC and Mac/Windows 32bit/64bit if you think you not able to download the app via this method. Else you can easily download the app by opening this Apk on your computer.


How to use ShareMe App on PC?

The app is a great platform to use it on your computer and mac to transfer the files that you wish and you can get the app on all platforms for free of use.

What are the Main Features of the ShareMe App?

  • End to end encrypted servers.
  • Data protection.
  • Free to Download and use the app on PC, Windows 10/8/8./7, and Mac/laptop operating systems.
  • Nice user-interactive interface.
  • Transfer and Recibe instanlty.
  • The app is available almost in all countries.

Does ShareMe App free to Download?

Yes, ShareMe App is free to download and use and can be a great app for people who are actually searching for the best file sharing application on this planet.

Mi Drop for PC

Is Share Me/Mi Drop are same Applications?

Earlier the name of the app is Mi Drop and now it is a rebraned as ShareMe app to make it more attractive and easy to prounonce and it is sounds like what it is the service it is offering to you.

Requirements of the ShareMe App for PC?

  • You will need a 4GB ram.
  • and it can work on windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, and Windows 10 for free of cost.
  • intel core i3 processor.
  • Android and ios devices.
  • XP, Vista, and Desktop/Mac.

Final Statement

Finally, you got the best app to share and transfer your files on whatever the device you want and can be a great way one can communicate and share files. The app developers are taking care of your privacy and private information breach.

There is a way one can send the bulk of files once without taking much time then the app name js ShareMe app and it is a great ap with its nice userfriendly interface offering amazing features that do not let the user’s expectation down.

You will be feeling great while using this app, it is not like other file sharing app which gets frozen and has Glitches. Hope this guide helped you somehow. for more features simply wait for the next update of the app. In each update, it brings quite innovative tools.