Share Karo Lite for PC, Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Laptop

Share Karo for PC

Are you getting issues while you using the Share Karo app or you want a lite version of the Share Karo app then guys here is the good news, now you can download and use the Share Karo Lite app on PC.

How you can do that and what is the way of installing the SHare Karo Lite App on PC will be explained below so read the article till the end.

Share Karo App is now one of the best file sharing app that is available on the Google Play Store, however, fans of Share Karo have requested the Team of the ShareKaro to lunch the lite version of the Share Karo App.

The team has announced lite version will cooming in Feb, they kept their promise, lite version of Share Karo Packed with awesome features and you will different positive things about this app, Below I am going to show you those features and I will let you know about the performance of the app in below section.

If you want to download and use Share Karo App for PC, you can do it by clicking on this link else you can try MX Share Karo App for PC which is an amazing file sharing app as well.

Best Features of Share Karo Lite for PC on Windows/Mac?

  • You can transfer files without any size limit. do share large files at a single time.
  • The part in the lite version of Share Karo Lite for PC is you can easily share files to another device even your not connected to the internet or wifi.
  • The app has a cool interface it is treated in the market as easy to share a file.
  • One of the best and fastest filesharing apps share your files instantly without any issues.
  • It is very easy to send anywhere at any time without any issues.
  • You can transfer files to multiple devices.
  • There is no need to log in with your account you just have to get the app and start sharing files that you want.
  • You can transfer any kind of files without damaging any files.
  • File quality or you can video quality that you shared via this app will not be reduced or lost.
  • You will see the same clarity and quality.
  • Good user-friendly interface.
  • Free to Download on PC.

Share Karo PC/Windows/Mac Lite Version Review?

Guys the app is completely free and one of the best performing file sharing and transferring app if your previous a user of original version fo SHre Kari App then you will definitely going to love this app.

Share Karo Liter for Windows PC or Share Karo Lite for Mac PC will be working fine there is no need to worry about the lacking or you will face any disturbance while you transfer files from one device to another device.

How To Download Share Karo Lite for PC?

If you want to downlaod this app on PC simply follow the steps explained in below section.

Share Karo for Mac PC
  • The first thing you have to do is use the Andriod Emulator Bluestacks on PC, in order to get on PC just check this link now.
  • Once you download the emulator from this link. now you’re free to install it from recent downloads on PC.
  • Once you setup the emulator now you have used the Gmail account to access the google play store on the emulator.
  • After that, you have to come to the play store and search for the app as ” Share KaroLiet for PC and enter that’s it.
  • You will see Share Karo Lite App in the new window, simply click on the install button and start using the app on PC.


What is the difference between Share Karo Lite and Share Karo App?

Answer: There is no much difference when it comes to features of the app, the process of file sharing will be the same, but you can see the app size has reduced twice, so that is why people are going with the Share Karo Lite version.

Does Share Karo Lite is Free?

Answer: Yes the app is completly free to use there is no need to worry about the performance as well.

How To DOwnload Share Karo Lite for PC?

Answer; Use the process explianed above.

End of The Guide

perfect file sharing app Share Karo has introduced its lite version by naming it s Share Karo Lite for Windows PC and Mac PC, so guys hope you’re enjoying this application on PC, if you face any issues please do mention it in the comment section.