Peacock TV for PC & Laptop/Mac over Windows 10/7/8/8.1

Peacock TV for PC

In this 21 century technology has seen a drastic change, these days you can get apps for virtually everything that you may need. There is plenty of app for watching Live Sports, TV Series and Playing games online. So here I have come up with an amazing American TV app called Peacock TV.

Below I will guide you on how you can download this Tv on your Personal Computer so keep reading the article. Try this TV: Play Pantaya App on PC.

And it has received quite good reviews and ratings. So that I must recommend you to use this app on PC. You May like to Download: Mx ShareKaro App for PC, VITA Video Editor for PC,

This TV has amazing TV shows and you can watch your favorite actresses and actors on TV Stations. Peacock TV for PC has plenty of genres to explore and you can easily select the content that you want to enjoy virtually from the comfort of your place. The app is trending in the united states in google play store.

We need to agree that we can not get this app directly on PC, we need to visit third party sites and download the emulator they provide and use them to play this app and any Andriod or iOS application on your personal computer.

Below you will find a method to install the emulator and run the app on PC and Mac. Read Also: Get MX TakaTak on PC

Peacock TV for Windows Features

Peacock TV for Windows

You have can get wonderful features on this TV, which can make your virtual watching experience more curious. So I have mentioned a few of the features that you expect to find from using this app.

  • It is easy to download and use the application.
  • Over 3000 channels to select from.
  • Watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies virtually.
  • Peacock TV for PC has Some music channels.
  • Plenty of movies, TV Shows available here.
  • You can easily find your favorite movies because it has thousands of movies, so won’t be disappointed when you search for the app.
  • Here you can connect your friend via chat and discuss which show or movie your watching and you can suggest them as well.
  • You can see a search option on Peacock TV for Mac and Windows, there you can easily type the movie or show name that you wish to watch.
  • Peacock TV for PC allows you to create your own dashboard so that you can easily create and place your favorite content in it.

How to Download and Install Peacock TV for PC Windows

We know there is no official app for the application to run on PC. So in order to run it on your personal computer you first download BlueStacks.

1. Install BlueStacks on your personal computer as the first step.
2. Now run the Andriod emulator on your Windows PC operating system.
3. Log in with your Gmail account on the Andriod emulator BlueStacks so that you will able to access the google play store in the Andriod emulator.
4. Now go to the google play store homepage where there is a search option and look for the app “Peacock TV”.

5. Select the app and click on the “Install” button for the app to be installed on your personal computer. Go through the entire installation process so that it is successfully installed on your device.
6. Now go back to the BlueStacks app section and look for the App icon of Peacock TV. Now click on it to run on PC.

Download Peacock TV for Mac

Peacock TV for PC

For the Mac users, you can also use the application but only through a third party BlueStacks.

1. Download and install the BlueStacks Andriod App Player to enable you to use Peacock TV App n Mac. In case you already had BlueStacks Andriod App player on your Mac PC then you could just jump to the next step.
2. Log to your Gmail account in BlueStacks Andriod Emulator. Thereafter go to the play store home page. You should be able to see a search option where you will type in the name of the app. After you find the app click on the install button to do an installation on your Mac computer.
3. Then go with the installation procedure and instructions given then give it some time to complete the process.
4. Now go to your BlueStacks homepage and look for the installed App ThopTV for Mac. Click on it to run it on PC and Mac.


How To play movies on Peacock TV on PC?

If you want to play your favorite movie or TV shows please on the search bar of the app type the name of the file that you wish to watch on the Peacock TV App on PC.

Does we need to Register for Peacock TV on PC & Mac?

Yes, you have to register to watch your favorite TV shows on this TV, you can use your email or phone no to sign up on this app and access the content that you wish,

Who is the developer of Peacock TV?

The TV App comes from Peacock TV LLC and can be a game-changer among online live streaming applications.

How Much Does Peacock Tv for PC subscription cost?

It won’t cost much, you can easily subscribe to this app for a minimum $7 a month.

Final Saying

If you were here to experience unbelievable movies & TV Shows then I should let you use this app because this TV App has immense popular movies, Dramas, and Sports that can make you feel good and can let your time go easily. Hope you will have a great time using this App on PC on Mac over Laptop and Windows 8/10/8.1/7 32bit & 64bit