Norton Secure VPN for PC, Windows 10/11/8.1/ 8/7 & Mac

Norton Secure VPN for PC

Technology has proven that it can invent anything, in olden days our browsing over the internet is not that safe and there are no such alternatives to surf the internet safely.

So, in that period people have putted thier privacy at risk and accesed the websites to downlaod or read resources on it.

But in this era everything is changed drastically, now we have a VPN like Norton Secure VPN for PC to protect our personal information from online attackers and make sure we are surfing the internet safely.

VPNs are the Virtual Private Network that gives you the freedom to open or unlock the restricted sites in your region, recently you can see most of the Chinese Apps are banned in India.

Along with that most popular game PUBG banned in India, so with the help of the Norton Secure Vpn, there will be chances of opening the blocked sites in your region.

We should not put our personal information at risk, there are many Http sites which contain marvelous and attackers might steal your username, passwords, and payment information when you do it via this not protected websites.

Make sure you using the Noton Secure VPN on Mobile or Norton Secure VPN for PC over Windows 7/8/10/8.1 and Mac devices. Download: PlexVPN for PC, Proguard VPN for PC, Net Capsule VPN for PC, Turbo VPN Lite for PC, 3X VPN for PC.

if you’re struggling to download and use Norton Secure VPN for PC or Mac, then you can follow the guidelines provided below and get the app on your personal computer and Mac. Download Also: CapCut for PC, Yizuu for PC, VITA Video Editor for PC, 3X VPN for PC, Wombo for PC, Discovery Plus for PC.

About Norton Secure VPN for PC?

Norton Secure VPN for Windows

Before you know the installation Process and Features of the Norton Secure VPN, you should know some basic details of the app.

So you get some brief idea related to this VPN, so using the app on PC & Mac makes so easy.

TitleNorton Secure VPN for PC
File Size34 MB
Requiremnet5.0 and up
Rating4.2/5.0 Average
No of Installations10,000,000
DeveloperNorton Mobile
Norton Secure VPN Details

It has more than enough good reviews and ratings on Play Store and iOS store so you can easily trust this app to use on your personal computer and mac.

Below iam going to give you some of the best features of the app, then will move into the download and installation process of the Norton Secure VPN for PC over Windows 8/8.1/10/8/Mac devices.

Features of Norton Secure VPN for Windows PC and Mac?

Norton Secure VPN for Laptop


  • Norton does not store your personal information once you uninstall the app.
  • Secure VPN asks you permission before it wants to trace your location, IP address, camera, photos, contacts, and library.
  • Provide you with a user manual.
  • Do not display your IP address on public platforms.
  • User personal information is stored over the cloud-based servers.
  • Do not ask you to register by using your mobile number.


  • It does not allow websites to steal your personal information.
  • It is a spam protector.
  • Sends you a signal, if the file is not secure and may damage your device.
  • Makes you feel safe and secure.


  • It is faster than any VPN that is available in the market for free of cost,
  • Increases the speed of the internet.
  • Open the website much faster than the average loading time.
  • Does not waste internet data.

How To Download Norton Secure VPN for PC?

To install the Norton Secure VPN on your personal computer and mac there is no need to worry about the official PC version of the app.

Because you won’t find anywhere on the inter PC version of this VPN, so it’s better to follow the below instructions and get the app your PC.

1. Click here and download the Emulator.

2. Open the emulator on your Windows PC or Mac PC.

3. Then you need an Gmail account to signup on this emulator.

4.If you have a Gmail account login with it on emulator else create a new one.

5. Thereafetr you will need to open the play store.

6. And search for the “Norton Secure VPN for PC” and enter.

7. That’s it now your free to install the VPN from here.

FAQS Related To Norton Secure VPN?

1.Why i Should trust Norton Secure VPN to Run on PC?

Ans: It is entirley depends on you wether you want to trust this VPN or not but most of the people all around the world trusting this application to run on PC. If you want a proof go to the Google Play STore and see the ratings, installation and reviews of the app.

2.Can People in America use Norton Secure VPN on PC?

Ans: Look there is no such thing that you can not use this application on PC. The services of the VPN are available in all around the world.

3, What are the main features of the App?

Ans: The main features of the app are it is free secure and do not consumes your internet data.

4. How To Download Norton Secure VPN for Windows 10?

Ans: The only way one use this application on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Mac/Laptop/Computer is by using the Andriod emulator that is available in the market for free of cost.

Final Saying

Hope this process of Downloading and Installing Norton Secure VPN for PC will end and I wish you have found the right guide to get this app on PC.