Get iVMS-4500 for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) Mac

iVMS-4500 for PC

If you are in search of Andriod mobile client software for your embedded NVR and DVR network camera so that you can live stream what is going around the installed place of the network CCTV cameras.

Then here is the Client Software iVMS-4500 a remote monitoring surveillance app that comes from the HIKVISION HQ. And does not require a cable or a wire to connect to the app tp your installed IP camera. The app is completely wireless.

Eying on house and office is very important these days because we have to take the responsibility of the house and office and we should protect them, If suppose any crime happened at your place if you do not have to prove your self as innocent.

Then the Only you can do is open the IVMS 4500 for PC app and playback recorder and stored files from the app and let them know what happened that particular day or time. Download Similar Apps: TrackView for PC, iSmartviewpro for PC, vMEyeCloud for PC.

How iVMS-4500 on PC Works Free?

iVMS-4500 for Windows 10 7 8

Look if you were using a network it can 2G or 3G or 4G or Wifi do not worry IVMS-4500 works on all networks without lacking speed. So I think this the best feature of the IVMS-4500 live surveillance CCTV camera.

The app is offering a decent performnace and it is loved by the millions of people around the globe. It can work as a network speed dome and` encoder over the wireless network that you have.

Store the files, and reopen them whenever you wish to watch them again, in situations like COVID-19 do not want to go for office or in someplace where is public presence immense. For them, IVMS-4500 is a boon app.

How To Connect IVMS 4500 on Windows PC and Mac?

Once you install the application on PC open and create your account over the IVMS-4500 app, However, the download and installation process of the IVMS-4500 App for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Xp/Vista/Mac is derived in the below section so go check it.

iVMS-4500 for Laptop WIndows .1

Steps to Connect IVMS-4500 with the PC:

  • First, open the installed file say IVMS-4500 App on PC over Windows and Mac.
  • Now try to create a accoutnt by provide your personal information such as Mobile NO or Gmail.
  • Once you register on IVMS-4500 App, you will get 2things
  • 1.USername
  • 2. Password
  • Now you have to turn on the IVMS device router.
  • Thereafter you can see an device name of the IP, DVR, and NVR cameras just click on the device name of the app over the IVMS-4500 app and get-go.

Download and Installation Process of the IVMS-4500 for PC-Windows (Mac)

REcomended EMulators for the IVMS-4500 Survillance App on WIndows and Mac:

Go with any one of the emulators to use this live surveillance CCTV camera app, bot of them are well qualified and trusted by millions of users.

  • Once you click on any link.
  • Land on the official page of the emulator.
  • Just see the download button on the home page interface.
  • And click on it and select the emulator version whether you want for windows or mac.
  • Now, wait for the windows or PC version of the emulator to download.
  • Once it over.
  • Open and install the respective emulator.
iVMS-4500 App Download for PC

Now you have to go with a Gmail account on this emulator so that we can get a chance to use the Google play store on the emulator that we installed.

  • Open Google Playstore on Emulator and search for “iVMS-4500 for PC” and enter.
  • Open the app.
  • Click and start installing it.

Once the installation of the mobile client software over open and enjoy It on your personal computer by opening it from my app section of the emulator.

Know More About the App?

The distance between the app and DVR installed camera is not be a problem , because it works from all around the world. So you need not be in a close cirlce of the device.

It can give you a high quality videos live and can store in backend. Each video stroae will be watermarked by the date stamp on it. So if something worng happens you can easliy point out it.

Uses of the app for any operating systems comes for free, it is very nice that we do not need to pay for its services. Available at Google Play Store and for iOS users go to the App Store and download on your device.


There is plenty of alternative for this mobile client software, but people are trusting and using this app to embed CCTV, IP, DVR, and NVR cameras to look after the security of the house and office.

Establishing the application or you can say connection the app to DVR, NVR devices are so easy through the wireless network. It has a great user-friendly interface. Sometimes do need fro creating your account but it’s better advised to create the account on iVMS-4500 for Windows PC and Mac.