Files by Google for PC Windows {10/8/8.1/7} Mac/Laptop

Files by Google for PC

Files by Google is a new venture from Google LLC which enables you to systematically manage your files it is also called a File management App.

It helps you share your files online or offline, you can also free up space by deleting the unnecessary files and the best part is you can back up your files anytime because of Files by Google Stores your files on cloud storage.

As we know cloud storage is the safest place to store data apart from that Files by Google for PC helps you to find files faster.

One should appreciate the efforts of Google LLC because you never get such free services on a large scale, and the company recently release plenty of applications in various categories. You May Like To Have Google Products: Google Indic Keyboard for PC, Google Voice for PC, Google Arts and Culture for PC, Google Classroom for PC.

Files by Google are helping small screen devices to arrange their files wisely so that you won’t get confused when want to use them back. The same app can be used on Windows PC and Mac/Laptop/Computer etc large screen devices to manage files.

If you’re really interested to know the download and installation process of the Files by Google for PC, Windows, Mac & laptop then you arrived at the right below we will be glancing at the installation process of the app over large screens. Download Also: Mx ShareKaro App for PC, Vita Video Editor for PC. Prequel for PC.

Few Important Features You Should Know About Files by Google for PC?

Files by Google for Windows

Enhances The Performnace of PC/Windows/Laptop/Mac

This smart file management app helps you to run your PC smoothly. This App regularly you get a prompt to remove junk files and unnecessary files to get you enough storage.

Makes File Management Process Simple

The app actually designed to manage the files and in the market name of the app is also known as a file management app, it is a very handy app to arrange file properly so that you won’t get confused.

Features: few of the best things you can do with this file management app such as:

  • Categories
  • Delete
  • Name File
  • Rename
  • Share

Share Files

Apart from the file management it also enables users to send and transform files from one device to another device on encrypted servers. and it is secured with WPA2 encryption.

The file-sharing process 10x faster than other file management apps, as we know google is a reputed company it won’t compromise on its product quality and performance.

Note: Yiu can share files via offilne mode/online mdoe no issues.

Monitor Storage

Check your storage here, which file is occupying more space, and which is the less one, so that your files management process will become so easy and transparent.

Secure & Encrypted

Having our personal files over Files by Google for PC is not a bad deal when it comes to security it uses the cloud-based storage on and ends to end encrypted servers.

So there is no pint that the third person will enter and steal your personal information. Google products are completely safe to use, so there is no any harm to use this file sharing Files by Google App on Windows PC and Mac.

How To Use Files By Google for Windows PC and Mac?

Files by Google for Laptop

If you already a user of File by Google App on Andriod or iOS operating systems, then you should not need to know the process which iam going to discuss below.

  • Download the app.
  • install it.
  • Open and create an account over the Files by Google App.
  • Look, you must have a Gmail account to create an account over the Files by Google App.
  • Now you can see a nice interface, were tools displayed clearly use them and manage your files.

Download Files by Google for PC

Using the Files by Google app on Windows PC and Mac is worthy if you were a professional working guy because it will be a great app to store your files at safe place in the world.

And the process of file sharing and receiving will become easier. However, this Andriod based app needs an Andriod Emulator to run the File by Google for PC on Windows, Mac devices.

What is Emulator?

Learn the download and isntallation process of the Files by google for PC Here we go:

The emulator is great a platform for running the Andriod and iOS-based applications on widescreen devices. And you know what you do not need to pay for downloading this emulator.

Files by Googe Installatoion proces on Windows PC:

  1. Andriod Emulator Download link is here, click now and grab it.
  2. This link will take you to the official Andriod Emulator Bluestacks site.
  3. Select the Windows version of Bluestacks and download it.
  4. Wait for the [process to finish, once its end.
  5. Open the PC, and go to the recent downloads folder, locate the app and start to install it.
  6. Again wait for the process to wrap up, here you have to accept the terms & Conditions of the Andriod Emulator.
  7. Once you are done with the installation process, now its time to open the emulator.
  8. Then you need to go with the emulator and join with the Gmail account you have.
  9. Then you need to open the play store on the emulator and search for the” Files by Google for PC” and enter.
  10. A new popup window will give you a File by Google app icon, click and install it.
  11. That’s it now your free to take the services offered by this magnificent file management app on your personal computer and Mac.

Download Files by Google for Mac

If you’re a mac user then here is the process that helps you to take the benefit of this file management app, follow it and enjoy the app.

  • Get the Mac version of the AndyOS emulator,
  • Now you have to wait for the process of download and install it.
  • Then you need to go with on-screen instruction to run the emulator on Mac.
  • Then you have to open the Andy emulator and search for the “Files by Google for Mac” and enter.
  • That’s it you see the app, get it and enjoy it on Mac.


This is the perfect File Management app for working professionals to arrange the files in a proper manner and get them when where you want easily.