Meesho for PC, Laptop, Windows 7,8,8.1,10

Meesho for PC

Are you looking for selling something are you want to make money online or if you want to work from home then here is the app for you that can full fill your desire of doing this work from the single app, Selling something online is not any more hard in today’s generation, because we know people are trusting online

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Free Touch VPN for PC, Windows 8,8.1,7,10/Mac

Free Touch VPN for PC

One of the greatest innovations on the internet is VPN known as Virtual Private Network, it made the browsing of the internet so easy and hassle-free. before VPN, there is no way one can tunnel the IP address of the devices or can set the different IP address for your device to make your device safe and not to hacked

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PikFlick for PC, Windows 10,8,8.1,7/mac/laptop

PikFlick for PC

PikFlick is a mini version of Instagram and it comes from the Indian developer’s mind skill gaming solutions Pvt Ltd in a social category. There are a variety of Indian apps that came in the Short video-sharing app from Indian developers abut PikFlick is quite different from these apps. It is offering some exception services that can be mentioned in

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SuperLive Plus for PC, Windows (8/8.1/7/10) Mac

SuperLive Plus for PC

In this modern era, we can do take advantage of the advanced technology offered by applications like Super Live Plus on Windows PC and Mac. Basically, SuperLive Plus is a mobile client software, with its help you can actually surveillance on your home and office or in whatever the place that your installed CCTV, IP Cameras. You need not be

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TrackView for PC Download on (Windows 10/8/8.1/7 & Mac)

TrackView for PC

IF you want to take control of your property, house, and office even if you are not present at the location then you should know about this magnificent application that can make your dream come true. The name of this standalone application is TackView for PC which is a surveillance and monitoring app. It can turn your laptop, pc, mobile

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JioSwitch for PC/Mac/Windows 10/8.1/8/7

JioSwitch for PC

JioSwitch is an efficient file sharing application available on the internet right now and it is the best app from Reliance Retail Ltd and the company is focusing on creating more innovative apps available right now. The earlier company has introduced JioMart App for PC and JioMeet for PC and now they have backed the file sharing and transferring app

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JioMeet for PC {Windows 7/8/8.1/10} Mac/Laptop

JioMeet for PC

Jio Team has come with an amazing online meeting and the video conference app called JioMeet to give a high-quality video conference and meetings with our any glitches. We know how jio products are making a difference in people’s lives. Earlier they came with a JioMart App that is one of the leading online shopping apps, that can deliver you

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Bolo Indya App for PC, Windows 10,8,8.1,7 & Mac

Bolo Indya App for PC

India becoming a hub for creating short video sharing and creating apps. Earlier we have seen Moj, Mx TakaTak, and Chingari making their place in this industry. recently there is a new app which is poped like boom name of the app is Bolo Indya, which is a short video creating and making app known for its simplicity and innovative

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Tik Toe Video Player for PC (Windows 8,7,10) & Mac

Tik Toe Video Player for PC

Recently I came across, an amazing app that is trending on Google play store. The name of the App is Tik-Toe Video Payer App. The greatness of the app is it automatically identifies all video files and plays with high-quality videos that can make your viewing experience in this player great. If your searching for the download and installation process

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Pantaya For PC,Windows [10/8/8.1/7] & Mac

Pantaya App for PC

Pantaya is a live streaming application that comes from the Pantaya Team in an entertainment category. And it has a brilliant TV shows to offer and make your every hour you spend on it valuable. It can show you today’s generation Latin American and Mexican TV Shows. If you are a fan of Latin movies then you must try this

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