Free Touch VPN for PC, Windows 8,8.1,7,10/Mac

Free Touch VPN for PC

One of the greatest innovations on the internet is VPN known as Virtual Private Network, it made the browsing of the internet so easy and hassle-free. before VPN, there is no way one can tunnel the IP address of the devices or can set the different IP address for your device to make your device safe and not to hacked

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TamTam for PC, Windows 10,8,8.1,7, Mac

TamTam for PC

One of the finest social media application and one of the first social media app that has changed the entire way of using the internet. Earlier we used the internet to research for something and to send emails or for some office work, after the revolution of social media apps like TamTam, now people use the internet to communicate online,

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IllisiumArt for PC, Windows 10,7,8.1,8 & Mac

IllisiumArt for PC

Are you a fan of photo editing, you like to edit photos by using the photo editing software or apps that are available in the market Then you must know about one of the free best photo editing tools IllisiumArt that comes for free and there is no need to create an account for editing photos on this application. It

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Proxy Master for PC, Laptop, Windows 10,7,8.1,8

Proxy Master for PC

Using the VPN can minimize the restrcition of browising the internt so easy and hessale free. Because without VPN you can access few resctricted websites that you want. There are enough reasons why government bans such sites or restrict such sites to not open in a particular region because they might not obeying hat region policies, and may you trying

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PikFlick for PC, Windows 10,8,8.1,7/mac/laptop

PikFlick for PC

PikFlick is a mini version of Instagram and it comes from the Indian developer’s mind skill gaming solutions Pvt Ltd in a social category. There are a variety of Indian apps that came in the Short video-sharing app from Indian developers abut PikFlick is quite different from these apps. It is offering some exception services that can be mentioned in

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Photo Editor Pro for PC, Windows 10,8,8.1,7 & Mac

Photo Editor Pro for PC

Are you crazy about your social media pictures then you should know about this app called Photo Editor Pro for PC, because it is just an amazing photo editing software that can edit beautiful pictures?. if you do not have expertise in editing pictures then, Phot0 Editor Pro for Windows PC will be a perfect choice for you, because you

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Waze for PC use on Windows 10/7/8.1/8 & Mac

waze for pc

Waze is such an outstanding app that can monitor the traffic in your area and can save your time from traffic. I f you have important work and you do not know about the traffic zam happen in the same route, that time you will feel bad because if you know earlier, you would have changed your route of travel

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Fubo TV for PC on Mac/Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Fubo TV for PC

Are you a sports lover, you like to watch Soccer, Volleyball & Badminton then you should know about this app called Fubo for PC. Plenty of Channels you can see over here, that makes the general audiences to connect with this TV as well, there is various subscription option you can select from. Fubo TV for Windows is one of

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CRED App for PC {Laptop & Windows 8/8.1/10/7} Mac


CRED is an amazing app that enables users to pay the bill from this incredible app and lets you win big rewards that make your payment so easy and secure. Taking the advantage of apps like CRED is now becoming very important in the case of saving thousands of rupees, the services of the CRED is spread all around India.

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Klarna for PC & Windows 7/8.1/8/10 & Mac

Klarna for PC

If you’re a shopping lover then you should know about this app Klarna which is a great app that can make your shopping experience smooth. Klarna comes from the Klarna Bank Ab (pubi) in shopping category and has huge buzz in all around united states of amnerica. This app is suddenly trending in-app store in the US region, so I

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